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Happy 3oth Anniversary, Margaret!

The Bridge has been working on behalf of children and families for nearly 50 years, and for 30 of those years, Margaret Hann has been immersed in its mission. Margaret served 11 years as the Director of Residential Services and has been at the helm of our organization for the last 19 years as Executive Director.

Margaret is the sixth Executive Director of the Bridge, and it has been during her tenure that we have broadened the scope of our work to include significant mental health counseling and more expansive residential support for the Department of Children and Families. We have also deepened our role as the Youth Service Bureau for the Town of West Hartford, opened the Family Resource Center, the West Hartford Teen Center, and many other programs to support children and families. We currently have an $8 million operating budget and serve over 11,000 children and families per year.

“I’m deeply proud of the work my team does to help children and families develop the skills they need to build fulfilling lives.” says Margaret. “I have been at the Bridge for half of my life, and it continues to be a privilege to work here and serve in the capacity that I do—and I mean that. The Bridge is my second home, and our mission is in my heart. My team inspires me every day, and I draw energy from them. Regardless of the positions we hold, the common denominator we share in our work is that we don’t give up. We believe that every person deserves a chance to live a fulfilling life, and we try our best to make that chance possible. I truly love what I do.”

“One of Margaret’s greatest leadership strengths, and there are many,” says Mary Butler, President of the Board of Directors, “is that she cultivates a team that knows how to ‘see the need’ in the community. Margaret has instilled in her team the ability to look beyond the present moment to consider how best to serve the needs of children, adults, and families; to understand what barriers they are faced with in their lives, and to analyze how the changes in other community resources may affect people in the coming years. Her foresight has enabled the Bridge to create programming that meets ever-changing needs, yet stays true to the core mission of the organization. She is a gifted Executive Director, and her strength, consistency, clarity, and dedication are the hallmarks of her leadership style. I speak for the entire board as I congratulate her on this incredible achievement.”


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