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Connecticut Wealth Management Selects the Bridge Family Center as a Focus for its Charitable Giving and Engagement

Throughout the winter of 2016 and early 2017, Connecticut Wealth Management (CWM) of Farmington embarked on a thoughtful review of its philanthropic efforts. The Bridge Family Center, and two other fine regional organizations: Hartford Youth Scholars and Habitat for Humanity, emerged as the three primary nonprofits that would become the center of CWM’s philanthropic focus.

“As a firm, we were being solicited by many worthwhile organizations,” says Denis Horrigan, partner at CWM. “and our team members were also involved in beloved charities. However, as planners almost by DNA, we realized that we needed to take a step back to make our own plan for the charitable aspects of our firm’s work in the community.”
Over many months, a Charitable Outreach committee met to review how best to engage and connect CWM with the community. Every member of the firm was polled about which areas he or she was most drawn to, and taking direction from those responses, the committee invited a select number of reputable charities to interview.

“We were very impressed by the Bridge Family Center,” Horrigan notes. “We had been involved with the Bridge over the last few years and knew of their good work, but when we took a deeper dive into their mission, we found it fascinating that some aspect of their work satisfied nearly every area of charitable interest our team had. The Bridge supports people at every stage of life, from babies and young children at the Family Resource Center, to community counseling for elders. And we were moved by the work they do as the Youth Service Bureau for West Hartford, as the leader of three counseling centers in the greater Hartford region, and also as a respected provider of safe shelter for children in the state system of care. They are deeply ensconced in our community.”

Beyond the volunteer involvement CWM will contribute throughout the year to different events and occasions, Kathy Christensen, a Director at the firm, will also serve as a member of the Children’s Charity Ball planning committee. The Children’s Charity Ball is the organization’s signature fundraising event and in 2017 netted more than $247,000 for the Bridge.

“To have an organization select us as a charity of choice after such a thoughtful review process is an honor,” notes Margaret Hann, Executive Director of The Bridge, “and we couldn’t be happier that they have also chosen to engage with us on a volunteer and committee level. Their impact on our mission will be significant and we are grateful.”


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